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NAVIS N4 New TOS from Navis

The terminal has invested heavily in sophisticated terminal operations systems aimed to increase efficiency of container operations. In 2019, TIV upgrade its Terminal Operating System to Navis N4 version 3.5. Major benefits from this version are the enhancement of yard planning, gate movements, EDI transmission file, reduction in equipment idle time and yard congestion.

Implementation of Navis N4 facilitates the whole operation, starting from planning and handling of containers to semi-automatic billing of all events.

NEW Web Portal

With the implementation of Navis N4, TIV developed its own efficient web management software connected directly to NAVIS N4 with management of:

- Equipment and personnel deployments and planning
- Orders and ships
- Services Management and Terminal Handling
- Customs documents and interface with Ag. Customs (AIDA)
- Corporate administrative management
- Reporting

All TIV customers can update and download information through

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